Townsville stadium supports local jobs

Townsville stadium supports local jobs

NOVEMBER 20, 2018: IT was a pleasure to catch up with progress on the North Queensland Stadium today which is providing a major boost for local employment.

Almost 99 per cent of the 286,171 construction hours completed so far on the project have been carried out by locals, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation remains above 16 per cent.

Since the project began, some 950 site safety inductions have occurred. There are 42 apprentices and trainees working on the project, including eight Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and overall the project is expected to support about 750 full-time equivalent jobs during the design and construction stages.

Federal Minister for Cities, Urban Infrastructure and Population Alan Tudge said the project was part of the Morrison Government’s Townsville City Deal, set to deliver a wide range of economic benefits to the community.

“Signed in December 2016, the Townsville City Deal has paved the way for this world-class stadium, which the Coalition Government is proud to be able to bring to the community of Townsville to be enjoyed for generations to come,” Mr Tudge said.

“The City Deal will transform Townville into an economic gateway to northern Australia and a lifestyle-rich city for residents and visitors alike.”

Congratulate also go to Stafford Wyles on the successful completion of his first year on this ground-breaking project for Townsville.

Stafford’s achievements are an example of the tangible benefits this project is bringing to the people of Townsville, including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Stafford Wyles is employed by local contractor Mendi Group. Jeff Doyle is the Managing Director.

“Being involved in this Stadium project is something the entire team within the Mendi Group is proud to be part of,” Mr Doyle said.

“The opportunity has provided the possibility to increase our workforce along with the ability to continue to train and upskill.

“These are important key factors which are vital for our business, the construction industry and the Townsville community.”

To date, 40 out of 49 trade packages have been awarded to local businesses.

The North Queensland Stadium is a joint project of the Queensland Government, the Coalition Government and Townsville City Council with support from the National Rugby League (NRL) and the North Queensland Cowboys.

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