Taking action against India

Taking action against India

OCTOBER 15, 2018: TODAY I have lobbied the Trade Minister Simon Birmingham to take the issue of India dumping subsidised sugar onto the world market to the World Trade Organisation for resolution.

The Minister is sympathetic to the concerns of growers, and is very receptive to the idea of going to the World Trade Organisation to seek a resolution of this issue.

I want to assure growers and associated businesses that work has been going on behind the scenes.

The Trade Minister has met with his Indian counterpart on two separate occasions, and made representations to the Indian High Commissioner.

The issue has also been raised with India’s Minster for State Commerce and Industry by Assistant Trade Minister Mark Coulton over the weekend.

And our Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade officials have been registering our concerns in both New Delhi and Geneva.

Minister Birmingham is also looking to work with Brazil, the biggest global producer and exporter of sugar, in a response to the issue.

It’s my belief that the discussions going on diplomatically will quickly end up with the World Trade Organisation, and I will continue the push for that outcome.

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