Closure of Bowen Coke Works facility

Glencore’s decision to close its Coke Works facility in Bowen is devastating news and it further highlights the dire need for other projects to get off the ground to provide desperately needed jobs. I have been informed by Glencore today that the Bowen Coke Works will transition to closure over the next few months. Glencore have said that the Coke Works, which have historically provided feedstock for Mount Isa Mines’ lead smelter, is no longer able to operate competitively. 18 people are employed at the facility and many have worked there for many years.

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Labor needs to stand with North Queensland workers

JOBS and a vital boost to this region's economy are still under threat from frivolous extreme green legal challenges and the only way to end them once and for all is through legislation in the federal parliament. The Adani Carmichael Coal Project is by no means certain while the extreme green legal challenges remain in the courts despite yesterday's mining lease approval. I'm calling on my Labor opponent to join me in the fight for local jobs by backing legislative action to end those green legal challenges.

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