Shorten says ‘you don’t matter’ to NQ

Shorten says ‘you don’t matter’ to NQ

FEBRUARY 3, 2018: THE North Queensland economy has been delivered another kick in the guts by the stance of Labor leader Bill Shorten who is turning fifty shades of green to appease anti Adani protestors in inner city Melbourne.

Now the Opposition Leader and his Sydney-based minister for Resources and Northern Australia need to come to Mackay, Bowen and Townsville to explain why they want to destroy our recovering economies.

Mr Shorten delivered a very clear message to the people of Central and North Queensland yesterday when he stood with a group of anti Adani protestors in Melbourne and suggested that the Carmichael Mine ‘does not deserve to go ahead.

He’s saying to the workers who already have jobs with Adani and those waiting in the wings to begin; to the mining support businesses who have been making decisions, planning and employing staff based on this multi-billion dollar project going ahead; to all the other businesses already benefiting from renewed confidence and activity; Mr Shorten is essentially saying ‘North Queensland you don’t matter. I stand with the greenies because what they want is more important than you having jobs and opportunities‘.

Mr Shorten has turned another shade of green because he fears Labor will lose a by-election in the Melbourne seat of Batman.

The Labor leader and his Shadow Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Jason Clare, who is based in Sydney by the way, need to come to Mackay, to Bowen and to Townsville and explain to the people up here why they don’t matter.



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