Shorten does dodgy deal to ditch Adani mine

Shorten does dodgy deal to ditch Adani mine

FEBRUARY 28, 2018: Now that the clear intentions of Bill Shorten in relation to the Adani mine have been laid bare, I’m calling on the Labor Leader to come back to North Queensland and be honest with the people whose jobs will be sacrificed.

There have been revelations that Mr Shorten told millionaire businessman and green campaigner Geoff Cousins repeatedly that a Labor government would revoke the licence of the Adani Carmichael Coal Project.

Bill Shorten wanted it kept secret that he came to North Queensland last month, in late January, and met with a massive donor to the extreme green campaign, the former president of the Australian Conservation Foundation Geoff Cousins, about the Adani Carmichael mine.

This super-rich green activist wants to stop the Adani mine going ahead, and Bill Shorten gave him repeated assurances that he would do the deed for him.

Mr Cousins said the stance Mr Shorten repeatedly agreed he would take was that ‘when we are in government, if the evidence is as compelling as it appears now, we will revoke the licence in accordance with the law’.

Last week Bill Shorten was in Mackay, Townsville and Rockhampton standing with coal miners and claiming to support the industry on one hand and crab walk away from the Adani Carmichael Mine on the other.

But he had already made his decision on Adani, and told his rich green mate he would stop the mine.

Bill Shorten needs to come back to North Queensland and talk to the port workers at Abbot Point and tell them he won’t support their jobs.

He needs to tell the hundreds of people in Townsville already working on the Carmichael Project not to get too comfortable, because their jobs will go immediately under Labor.

If he’s going to pull the rug on a billion dollar coal project, he should have the guts to tell the people who will be directly affected.

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