Shorten caught out concealing free holiday

Shorten caught out concealing free holiday

FEBRUARY 28, 2018: LABOR Leader Bill Shorten broke the rules of parliament and broke any remaining trust with Queenslanders by concealing an extreme greens-funded holiday he received.

He sought to keep secret his deal with extreme green millionaire, Geoff Cousins, former president of the Australian Conservation Group, who paid for his reef cruise and scenic flight around Queensland.

It is no oversight that he failed to declare the lavish gifts on his list of pecuniary interests because he made it clear with Mr Cousins that he didn’t want their dodgy deal to be made public.

He only rushed to update the register yesterday when details of his free holiday and commitment to kill the coal project were exposed in the media.

Politicians must declare any gifts over the value of $750 from official sources within 28 days of receiving the gift.

Bill Shorten had more than 28 days to register the free holiday and he failed to do so.

The fact that he only rushed to declare it once it was exposed in the media shows he had no intention of being truthful and upfront with the people of Australia.


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