Phone poll shows dirty tricks have begun

Phone poll shows dirty tricks have begun

SEPTEMBER 2, 2018: WARNING: Phone polls arn’t always what they seem. One conducted in the Dawson electorate over recent days is just a dirty stunt.

Several people have told me about phone polling conducted late last week asking if they would be more likely to vote for me if I was a member of One Nation, Katter’s Australia Party or the United Australia Party.

This is just mischief; a dirty tricks campaign to make people think that I’m going to leave the government and run with another party.

It’s nonsense, and the Labor Party need to own up now if they are the dirty tricksters.

Ditto if it’s one of the other political parties.

I will be running at the next election, expected next year, as a proud National and a member of the Liberal National Party in Queensland.

Campaigns should be based around ideas and what’s best for the region, rather than being based on lies and personality attacks.

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