Nominate your flood heroes

Meeting with residents in the aftermath of the Townsville floods.

I’VE launched an appeal for Flood Hero 2019 nominations in Parliament today during a speech which recognised the selfless efforts of so many in flood-ravaged Townsville through late January and early February.

What we have seen in recent weeks in the Townsville region is an incredible outpouring of support as North Queenslanders pitched in to not only look after their own, but to help friends, neighbours, complete strangers and even stranded animals.

The people of the north have also welcomed assistance from others who have come from all corners of the country to pitch in during the recovery effort.

Many have gone about their rescue and assistance efforts quietly and without fuss, and they do not want or expect any attention.

But I know that there will be people in the Townsville region, and in places in the Burdekin like Groper Creek and Giru, who want to acknowledge the work of others.

So many people worked hour after hour, day after day, to help others in so many ways.

They forgot about their own needs and comfort and just kept at it.

I named a number of people and organisations during my speech in Parliament today, and I now invite others to visit the website to lodge a nomination.

Nominations can also be made via a phone call to my office on 4944 0662.

There are no requirements regarding these nominations. They are to anyone who has provided assistance in whatever capacity.

My office will follow up with people who lodge those nominations and we will ensure that those who have helped others are given the recognition they deserve.

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