Mackay poised to reap benefits from $1 billion Singapore partnership

Mackay poised to reap benefits from $1 billion Singapore partnership

MAY 9, 2016: THE established industry capabilities of Mackay could allow the city to ride the back of a new Australia-Singapore partnership which will see the tiny Asian nation invest $1 billion in strengthening our defence partnership and accelerating collaboration in innovation, science, research and technology.

The new partnership would see Rockhampton and Townsville become bases for the Singapore Army.

A $1 billion investment in Singapore’s defence capabilities to the south of us in Rockhampton and to our north in Townsville puts Mackay in a great position to tap into opportunities for the manufacturing and maintenance of equipment which may be required.

Most immediately, this new strategic partnership will generate its own construction boom in North Queensland as local builders and engineers construct roads, accommodation and infrastructure for the Singaporean Defence Forces to conduct training exercises.

The Singaporean troops will be placed in Townsville and Shoalwater Bay with infrastructure upgrades in those areas providing opportunities for businesses and workers across Central and North Queensland, including Mackay, as the region transitions from the mining construction boom.

We have proven capabilities in mining and construction support in the Mackay region and I will be inviting Singapore’s Ambassador to come to Mackay and discuss the opportunities which will be available with Resource Industry Network representatives.

The foundations of the Australia-Singapore partnership are a shared strategic perspective and complementary economies.

We share interests in the political stability and economic prosperity of our region, and have worked together as like-minded partners to foster these interests.


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