Labor must preference Greens below LNP

29 MARCH 2019: Labor must put the Greens below LNP on their how-to-vote cards if they are serious about representing workers and rejecting extremism. The Greens have proven to be the most dangerous party on the Australian political landscape, having already forced Labor to enact job-killing legislation, reopen our borders, and adopt economically self-destructive policies. A Labor-Greens government is a clear and present danger to a safe and secure country and for anyone who wants a job or wants to make ends meet.

It is the Greens who want completely open borders, letting terrorists, murderers and rapists into the country unchecked. It was the Greens who drove the destructive carbon tax and forced expensive and unreliable electricity on Australians. It is the Greens who want to close every coal mine in Australia and it is the Greens who want to remove every petrol car off the road in the next 10 years. But Bill Shorten is telling everyone who votes for Labor that they should give their first preference to the Greens.

Labor’s Bill Shorten has been busy telling everyone else who they should put last on their how-to-vote cards and yet Bill Shorten is giving his first preference to the most dangerous party in the country. The extreme left ideology of the Greens is dragging Labor in a direction that would destroy the free and prosperous lifestyle that Australians enjoy.

You can’t go out there pretending to want jobs and better conditions for the worker if your first preference is for a party that doesn’t believe in people having jobs. If Bill Shorten’s Labor continues to preference the Greens ahead of the Liberal and National parties, then Bill Shorten’s Labor is supporting dangerous extremism in Australia.

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