Job-destroying activists not welcome here

Job-destroying activists not welcome here

OCTOBER 30, 2018: THE job-destroying activist who has seen fit to hang from a tripod above the Aurizon rail line near Abbot Point todayis holding up business and putting lives at risk.

The group responsible is Front Line Action on Coal and these green job-destroying activists are breaking the law.

Current pole-swinger Clancey Maher is overflowing with opinions on the state of the planet but they’re not relevant to the hard-working coal-supporting people of this region.

Clancey and her mates still aren’t getting the message that we don’t buy their claptrap, and those who want to swing from poles or chain themselves to railway lines are not wanted in the region.

All they are doing is interfering with people legitimately going about their business, and working hard at their jobs. They are also wasting precious policing resources in dealing with their antics.

Everyone is entitled to protest about things that concern them, but breaking the law to do so is not on.

I look forward to seeing those involved face the full force of the law in dealing with their recklessness.

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