If Labor’s Cathy O’Toole won’t help you, I will

People affected by flooding in Townsville can call my office if they can’t get any joy from Labor’s Cathy O’Toole.

I have called out the Labor MP for Herbert for cheap political point-scoring and politicising the Townsville floods today. It was a real disgrace.

While speaking on a Private Member’s Motion to note the impact of the Townsville floods in Parliament today, the Labor MP for Herbert Cathy O’Toole could only use the opportunity to score political points against the Morrison Liberal National Government, by naming a number of residents who were knocked back for assistance payments.

Ms O’Toole should ‘hang her head in shame’ and people she has not assisted on flood payments should call my office instead.  

Here’s what I had to say to her in the Parliament today.

“Using the disaster that occurred in North Queensland that people are still recuperating from, as a political attack, she should hang her head in shame.

“She should be on her knees and asking forgiveness for all those people who’ve been through this natural disaster, to come into this place and use that for cheap political point-scoring.

“It is absolutely disgusting.

“I will make this call to all those people that (Ms O’Toole) has just named as knocked back by Centrelink.

“I’ve been getting calls like that, about state government administration, about Centrelink administration.

“I tell you what I’ve done as the local member. For areas affected such as Idalia and Oonoonba and Annandale and Giru, I have actually gone and contacted those people and I have helped them get the payment they deserve.

“To all those people who have been named by the Member for Herbert, who is not doing her job obviously in helping these people, if you live in Dawson, or if you live in Herbert, contact my office – 07 4944 0662.

“If water has come into your home you are eligible … and we will get you the payment you deserve.

“And we will help you with your insurance queries.”

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