Have your say on review of regional education

Have your say on review of regional education

AUGUST 9, 2017: Got something to say about education for country kids?

Now is the time to speak up as the Liberal National Government is undertaking a landmark review into regional, rural and remote education initiated by the Liberal National Government.

I invite families, students and the wider community to take a look at what’s being discussed and then tell us what you think.

We need your input on the challenges faced and the ways you get around them.

A discussion paper has been released and an online platform for public submissions has been launched.

The discussion paper, prepared by the reviewer Emeritus Professor John Halsey, identifies the key issues and challenges faced by rural students and poses areas of focus to stimulate ideas about possible solutions.

I urge members of our education community, families and employers to consider the discussion paper and take the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences about how best we can support local students to succeed in school and beyond.

We’re listening closely to regional communities in our efforts to improve the education and preparation of young people from the country to develop into their best selves and fully participate in the 21st century economy.

The final report and recommendations of the independent review will be provided to Government by the end of this year.

Submissions will close at 5pm, AEST 29 August 2017. For more information visit: https://www.education.gov.au/independent-review-regional-rural-and-remote-education

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