George Rescues Molongle Creek Project

George Rescues Molongle Creek Project

Funding for the $900,000 Molongle Creek Boating Facility Upgrade between Bowen and the Burdekin was announced in March this year but after the commitment was made, bureaucrats in the Department of Infrastructure queried whether the project met all the conditions.

There were concerns relating to whether the state government contribution was directly for the project or for ancillary components in the area.

My office has been working through these issues for some months now, and we have now achieved a resolution.

Today representatives from the Molongle Creek Boat Club will receive a letter from Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, as well as contact from the Infrastructure department confirming and progressing a grant of up to $939,450 for their project.

This includes upgrading the boat channel to provide all-tide access, and constructing a new two-storey multipurpose complex which incorporates a manager’s residence, shop, office, café, rescue vessel, water taxi storage and a mechanics workshop.

The Molongle Creek Boating Facility is the access point which services the Cape Upstart community which can only be reached by sea.

It’s the jumping off point for local boaties and tourists, and there are also safety benefits because VMR Burdekin brings rescue vessels here by road to reach the popular Cape Upstart boating and fishing region more quickly.

It is projects like this that make our regional communities even better places to live, work and raise a family and I’m very pleased to hear that we’ve cleared these hurdles and the project can proceed as planned.

I look forward to seeing this work progress.

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