Extreme green bother brigade must be stopped

Extreme green bother brigade must be stopped

OCTOBER 16, 2015: THE extreme green activists have put out the call for donations to fund another legal challenge of the Carmichael Coal Project before they even know what they can oppose.

The action is another clear indication that the extreme greens are hell-bent on robbing the region of much-needed jobs and investment dollars.

GetUp! has put the call out for donations to fund another legal challenge already, and by these actions they are proving the point yet again that this has nothing to do with conservation and everything to do with stopping coal projects.

I doubt the extreme green bother brigade would know a black-throated finch or a yakka skink if they saw one; they’re just weapons in the war chest for their fight against coal.

Groups such as these should not enjoy tax deductibility status, and these actions also demonstrate why we need to change the EPBC Act to stop the ceaseless green “lawfare” (legal warfare) from those who are not directly affected by projects.

GetUp! is boasting that its members have already funded legal action against the mine and these actions are grossly irresponsible.

We need the billions of dollars in investment and the thousands of jobs this project will provide.

Ultimately, every Australian loses when the extreme green activists trash our international reputation and rob us of these opportunities.


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