Senator clueless on sugar industry

Moves by NSW Senator David Leyonhjelm to reverse a hard-fought decision to introduce a sugar marketing code of conduct are both ignorant and arrogant. Senator Leyonhjelm wants to scrap the Sugar Marketing Code of Conduct, and he claims he has the support of Labor senators to do so. This is an arrogant stance by a NSW Senator with no experience or understanding of the sugar industry. He calls cane farmers ‘socialists’ and he says their arguments for a right to a say over who markets their sugar are ‘piss-weak’.

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Green groups with deep pockets

3 JUNE 2017: Would you believe that the activist group at the heart of much of the attack against the Adani Carmichael Coal Project - GetUp! - paid out $4.6 million to their staff last year? That's effectively $4.6 million going into the pockets of inner city green zealots who want to ensure that no money goes into the pockets of workers in this region who are desperate for jobs.

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Townsville MP puts green interests ahead of clean coal

LABOR proved once again today that they would rather protect preference deals with the Greens than the needs of business in North Queensland. The benefits of having a coal-fired power station in North Queensland, preferably at the mouth of a coal mine in the Galilee Basin, have been demonstrated in a report commissioned by Townsville Enterprise Limited. A number of Labor MPs denigrated coal and the coal industry in speeches today, yet most disappointing of all was that the Member for Herbert, Cathy O’Toole, would not support any push for a coal fired power station in the region.

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