Another Labor lurch on NAIF loan approvals

Another Labor lurch on NAIF loan approvals

JUNE 19, 2018: The complete hypocrisy of Queensland’s Labor Government on job-creating projects was on show again today, with the Premier stating that she may well approve a loan to build a Galilee rail line, for anyone other than Adani.

In state parliament the Premier said that other applications for NAIF funding to build a rail line to the Galilee Basin would be considered.

But a few months ago during the state election campaign, the Labor Premier took an almighty stand against such a loan application from Adani.

On what basis are such job-destroying decisions being made other than sucking up to the extreme greens when their votes were needed during an election campaign?

Labor’s spectacular backflip on their approval of Adani’s NAIF loan application had cost the state dearly in terms of investment and job creation, as well as damaged Queensland’s reputation.

The actions of the Palaszczuk Labor Government have not only delayed the massive Carmichael Coal mine, rail and port project; they’ve also undermined our international reputation.

The word of the Labor Premier and her ministers means nothing. Because tomorrow they could change their minds again. This is no way to do business.


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